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My heart sank when I read this report.  “Avalanche at Thompson Pass”

You see, Jordan, a co-worker and a very nice person.  He was a big guy, a Teddy Bear of a man, married (very much in love with his wife), father of three little children. 

He died doing something he loved — snow machining in Alaska.  Man, machine and nature.

I truly believe that when our time here, in our mortal body, is up then there is nothing for us to do –but that does not ease the sadness one feels when someone who is so young, has so much more living to experience, and has a young family nurture – when their life has ended so soon.

Remember – life is meant to be lived and to enjoy– to love and be loved — always live fully and love freely — have no regrets at the end of each day.

Jordan will be deeply missed.

Accidental Death

Jordan Williams

4-18-09 at approximately 1245 hours, Alaska State Troopers and Valdez Fire Department received a report of a snow machiner being caught in a Avalanche at Thompson Pass.  Investigation revealed that the snowmachiner, identified as Jordan D. Williams, age 27, of Anchorage,was riding his snow machine in Niches Valley located at Thompson Pass near mile 31 of the Richardson Hwy.

 Jordan Williams was climbing a hill when the Avalanche started.  Jordan Williams then turned and started heading back down the hill.  JordanWilliams was overtaken and buried by the Avalanche. 


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September 13th

September 13, 2008 at 8:54 pm (Debbie Friedman, Good Vibes, Jeannette Maw, Law Of Attraction, Meditation) (, , , , , , , , )

Saturday, September 13th.  Hum, this day should be like any other Saturday on the calendar.

However, today, at least where I live, is not like any other Saturday.  Today, is the day, the day that most Alaskans will be receiving what we call the PFD – Permanent Fund Dividend — and we will also receive an additional $1,200 to help off set the high cost of fuel and heating for 2008.

Wow – the additional $1,200 plus the dividend is an additional $3,296 per person (not household) in Alaska (for those who qualified under the Alaska Residency qualifications.)

My questions is, what would, what would you do with an extra $3,296 in your bank account today?  Give it some thought — just because you are not getting this amount of money doesn’t mean that you can’t dream about what you would do with the extra financial funds . . .

Have fun, dream, imagine, write about it . . .  your dreams can happen – believe!

Cheers, P.

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