Jordan Williams Alaska–

April 21, 2009 at 12:37 am (Uncategorized) ()

My heart sank when I read this report.  “Avalanche at Thompson Pass”

You see, Jordan, a co-worker and a very nice person.  He was a big guy, a Teddy Bear of a man, married (very much in love with his wife), father of three little children. 

He died doing something he loved — snow machining in Alaska.  Man, machine and nature.

I truly believe that when our time here, in our mortal body, is up then there is nothing for us to do –but that does not ease the sadness one feels when someone who is so young, has so much more living to experience, and has a young family nurture – when their life has ended so soon.

Remember – life is meant to be lived and to enjoy– to love and be loved — always live fully and love freely — have no regrets at the end of each day.

Jordan will be deeply missed.

Accidental Death

Jordan Williams

4-18-09 at approximately 1245 hours, Alaska State Troopers and Valdez Fire Department received a report of a snow machiner being caught in a Avalanche at Thompson Pass.  Investigation revealed that the snowmachiner, identified as Jordan D. Williams, age 27, of Anchorage,was riding his snow machine in Niches Valley located at Thompson Pass near mile 31 of the Richardson Hwy.

 Jordan Williams was climbing a hill when the Avalanche started.  Jordan Williams then turned and started heading back down the hill.  JordanWilliams was overtaken and buried by the Avalanche. 



  1. bobbysmommy05 said,

    Thank you for your words, I found your blog googling Jordan trying to find the article in the Valdez paper….my wordpress blog has been very helpful to me to process all of this… Mom made a video…I posted pics of our childhood…he will be missed….Tamara~Jordans sister

  2. plbenson said,


    I am so sad for your loss — Jordan was such a nice person and great to work with. I will check out your BLOG – thank you for the link.

    Sincerely, Phillis

  3. melaska said,

    Oh…thank you for your kind words. I am the mother of Jordan…I couldn’t sleep and so Googled Jordan’s name and found this. Thank you. Jordan had a special charm about him that just drew people in. I cannot wait to see my baby boy again!

  4. plbenson said,

    Mrs. Williams;

    I only knew Jordan for a brief period of time – since starting work on the New VA Clinic — I work for a sub-contractor and Jordan was my ‘go to’ person with his employeer.

    Jordan was always kind, gental and was always there with the perfect solution to what was going on.

    Last Thrusday was when I last saw and spoke with Jordan – we were doing our ‘walk through’ at the job site. The last place was in the Communications Room at the Clinic, he was standing in the doorway and said that if I didn’t need him anymore that he’d see me next week. We said our goodbye and wished each other a wonderful weekend.

    I then heard the news and my heart was sadden.

    Knowing that we are here in our God given bodies to enjoy life and help other souls do the samething, that when it is time to rejoin our maker it is time to do so, that it seems so unfair to those left behind, that most of all we then reach-out to others and are able to keep the work of the person we knew going.

    My father was killed when I was only 7, sister 5, brother 9months old — so I, in a sense, can relate to what you are feeling.

    Take care of yourself as the little ones will need for you to do so.

    PS I loved the photo video on UTube – beautiful.

    Love and Life — Phillis

  5. Sarah Parks said,

    Thank you for the kind comments of my baby brother, Jordan Williams. I, too, was googling my brother’s name when I found this. I am engulfed with grief right now and somehow finding different articles about my brother is comforting. I was able to attend Jordan’s Memorial Service in Alaska last week and be with my family in this time of sorrow. Everyone there was so supportive and loving. Thank God for the church family and close family friends. I love you Jordan. Sarah Parks

  6. Becky Pulse said,

    This is Jordan’s sister, Becky… Thank you for a wonderful article… I, too have been googling my brother’s name and came upon this.. I miss him sooo much. He truly was a wonderful person and I wish I could give him another “teddy bear” hug.. If I was having a bad day, all I had to do was look at my brother and he knew.. He didn’t even have to say anything… He would just say, “It’ll be ok.” and somehow I was fine. I am finding comfort in memories and though I don’t think I’ll ever find closure, I know he’s in a better place and that is my only peace.. I love you sooo much Jordan and miss you terribly…


  7. melaska said,


    I came across your blog again while Googling my son’s name. I had forgotten I had even written in it. I just now saw your reply to my post tonight (4-3-10) That time was a huge blur for me. The anniversary is near and I’m planning on another photo video – this one will be more of a ‘promise’. Thank you for your kind words – it was wonderful to read. God bless you!


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