Trust Your Feelings

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Trust Your Feelings

Have you ever had one of those days (I know we all have), those days, first thing in the morning that you feel like you just need to stay in bed — not sure if the day is worth getting up for?

Well my friends — I am here to tell you that ‘yes’ each day is worth getting up for — it’s all in your mind. Yes, you heard me right — your mind is what you have been listening too — so why not listen to your heart and soul rather than your mind?

Your mind comes up with so much ‘stuff’ – you know that stuff which others give you – your old teacher, your old coach, perhaps a parent or friends – Don’t listen to that stuff — come up with your own stuff — make up your mind to listen to your heart and soul . . .

Once you do that – you are making a wonderful choice to choose how you start your day, and trust me — your day will follow you!

Yes, it might take some practice – (I can guarantee that it will take some time to retrain yourself) as your mind has been leading you for the past – 20, 30, 40, or more years . . . start training yourself to listen to you — follow your desires to be you and not your mind’s stuff!

Live life as you want to be now — make it a practice to think about how you would like your day to be (do this the night before and first thing in the morning) and then put your mind at ease that you are trusting your true self – your heart and soul!

Enjoy — keep up this practice for 30 days – journal your changes — let me know how your new journey is progressing!

Cheers – P.


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